SAP C/4 HANASAP C/4 HANA focuses on rapid transformation and agility across all channels, getting you close to your customers and delivering a consistently great experience at every touch point. It is a products that cut cost, time and complexity, freeing you up to focus on innovation and strategy.
This solution covers five main areas: commerce, marketing, revenue, sales and service – and offer you the insights and flexibility you need to lead.

SAP C/4 HANA products are designed to be easy to implement and integrate with your current systems. The solutions are modular, so it can grow together as your company's needs evolve. And as the components are designed to work together, the transition process gets easier the more SAP C/4 HANA products you decide to use.

The Customer Experience Suite C/4 Hana consists of five different pillars which are integrated natively with SAP and third party technologies:

    • SAP Commerce: a one stop shop for all e-commerce On this OmniChannel platform you can personalize your message tailored to your customers expectation and needs. This scalable and integrated solution has proven to be built for any business business model. It’s out of the box completeness is well known as the market leading solution (previously known as Hybris).
    • SAP Marketing: customer profiles are constantly changing, therefore the data needs to be always up to date. Delivering individualized experiences are only possible when data is collected from all possible sources (social, third party sources, CRM’s and the vital ERP back-end). Once all relevant data is collected you can optimize and adjust on the fly your marketing actions.
    • SAP Sales Cloud: the 4th generation of CRM is here. Customers are changing constantly, therefore a normal sales force automation tool isn’t enough. In order to be more successful than the opposition you need to address the customer needs throughout the whole customer journey with the right message at the right time. Key insights are delivered proactively, that’s why your sales agents are always a step ahead!
    • SAP Service Cloud: efficiency is key. For the customer and you. By providing a personalized high-value customer service before, during, and after a purchase you can achieve exactly that. Connecting agents with the right information at the right time and channel is key, this is how you can deliver the so important great customer experience. We can support all types: self-service sites, call centers, or field service.
    • SAP Customer Data Cloud: actions are driven by customer data. Your goal should be to grow your audience, boost conversions and insights, foster long-term brand loyalty, and provide a more secure and privacy-friendly digital ecosystem for your business and your customers. To optimize this in today’s rapidly evolving marketplace requires a market leading solution for building digital relationships with customers based on trust.

Just if your data is up to date, the build in artificial intelligence (AI) technology makes a real impact on your business performance. Are you sure you are maximizing the data which is available to you? Multiple references makes us a trusted partner, get in touch!

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