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Marketing Automation with SAP Marketing Cloud

Magni Telescopic Handlers Srl
SAP Marketing Cloud

How is it possibile to amplify B2B marketing engagement and awareness?

Magni Telescopic Handlers is leader in the mechanical engineering sector, it produces and distributes worldwide fixed and heavy-duty rotary telehandlers. Nowadays, Magni has 7 branches worldwide, a network of over 300 dealers and the most broad selection of rotary telehandlers.


Magni TH had a clear goal: create an information asset for direct customers, dealers, renters in order to streamline their relations. Maghi TH has chosen Derga Consulting and Deda Digital to implement and to customize an enterprise marketing solution: SAP Marketing Cloud. Thanks to this solution, Magni THcould amplify marketing engagement and awareness in B2B worldwide market which is constantly changing and fast-moving.


  • Replacement of the tool for the newsletter and contacts data collection;
  • Email marketing campaigns automation, contacts and nurturing lead;
  • Traceability and data collection of user experience from ADV campaigns and website;
  • Segmentation of contacts data collection from the campaigns and lead nurturing automation;
  • Monitoring of marketing campaigns, streamline of ADV costs and central control;
  • Increasing efficiency of marketing operations and their measurability

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