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Industrie TCM: move to SAP S/4 HANA project

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For more than 40 years, Industrie TCM has been manufacturing precision mechanical parts, using innovative technologies for complex production for small runs or volume productions for different industrial sector.

Industrie TCM was born as an artisan lab and nowadays it’s a referral partner as prime contractor, overseeing all phases of the project, from the early stages in co-engineering through to all the next steps.


To take full advantage of all opportunities with this new SAP ERP, Derga Consulting with Industrie TCM have decided to implement greenfield migration project (a new installation approach). During the analysis phase, the migration objects were predefined to adopt the best practices of Derga model, reducing the time-to-value and the TCO (total cost of ownership). In just six months, SAP S/4 HANA was live in Industrie TCM. It was also implemented SAP MII (Manufacturing Integration & Intelligence) – a solution for synchronizing manufacturing operations with business process and with data standardization.


  • Reduction of the returns with the highest traceability of every product
  • A highest speed and precision for quotation and financial statement
  • An accurate check of quality, logistics and planning production
  • An integrated response to production progess with data collection from production plants
  • No duplications of the same work on different systems with time saving and clear data collection
  • Historicization of huge amount of data in a local database and transfer of data for production progress according to SAP logic
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