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Since its foundation in 1961, OLI is synonimous of technological know-how for electric and pneumatic vibrators.

Specialized originally in immersion vibrators for concrete consolidation, nowadays OLI is a worldwide leader of the production of electric and pneumatic external vibrators and electric high frequency internal vibrators for concrete compaction. The high level of customer service is guaranteed by 20 OLI Trading Subsidiaries, 36+ local warehouses and 3 manufacturing plants worldwide.


In OLI, Derga could implement the main modules of SAP S/4 HANA, as a response for logistic and accounting production process demands. The modules implemented are Accounting, Finance and Controlling, Production planning, Sales management, Materials handling, Warehouse management with radiofrequency tools. It has been integrated with SAP S/4 HANA other solutions: SAP BO/BI, Cloud4Customer-C4C, Adobe Forms and also the integration with the external warehouse.


  • Integration of the main logistic process and ensure the consistency data
  • Simplify of design, analys and optimization business processes
  • Reliability of costs and revenues analysis
  • Fast identifications of errors and real time corrections of critical issues thanks to planning and report live tools.
  • Efficiency of profitability analysis and product costs and profit margins
  • Streamlining of strategic planning processes ( supply chain, production, distribution, sales)
  • Simulation and Planning tools (Budgeting & Planning)
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OLI with Derga and SAP: where you need, when you need

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