Galletto Valle Spluga

Galletto Vallespluga: tradition on the crest of innovation

Galletto Valle Spluga
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In 1967 Dante Milani founded Valle Spluga in Gordona, in Sondrio. In 1972 Vallespluga became the Italian landmark for the Galletto. In the following years, Vallespluga has started offering other products dedicated to the processing of Galletto : 40 different product lines – fresh, frozen and preworked. Nowadays Vallespluga is an Italian leader of Galletto and of cockerel breeding.


Derga has implemented in Vallespluga its certified preconfigured solution for Food&Beverage based on SAP ERP. This solution gives a quick glance of all the processes with a clear response in certain times for production planning, for materials traceability, for sales & distribution, for sales agent commissions and promotional campaigns and with a real time dashboard control for the business. The state of play of the products was customized with an automation production process; a set of specific interfaces has been created for harchery mandatory fiscal registrer , for calibrating machines and for weighing scales. The solution implemented has given Vallespluga the control and the govern of the double montly VAT management which has been to reconcile with the single quarterly statement.

Functional process covered:

  • Administration, Finance & Control
  • Sales & Distribution
  • Production Planning
  • Logistics & Supply Chain management
  • Material Management


  • Fitting integration between supply chain and ERP system
  • Digitalization of many processes
  • Streamlining of data access and time reducing
  • Streamlining of archiving process
  • More efficient products distribution on target markets.
  • Punctual logistic management of plants thanks to reliable data collection and simulating scenario process
  • Improvement of check costs control of production process
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