SAP S/4HANA for improving and accelarating the market responsiveness

Cosmoproject Spa
Consumer Product
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Founded in 1993, Cosmoproject is the point of reference for international luxury brands and private labels products.

The R&D Laboratory boasts excellent formulators and contributes to the full-service development of its customers’ projects. It successfully serves the global skin care and co­smetics and pharmaceutical brands.


In Cosmoproject SAP S/4HANA implementation covers the follow functional processes:

  • Sales & Distribution
  • Production Planning
  • Warehouse management and Logistics
  • Administration, Finance & Control
  • Account payable
  • Order management

The new model architecture of the project by SAP S/4HANA is easier and more adaptable. The streamline of customer process in GDO cosmetics is integrated with a new system, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), and planning production and procurement management are clearer thanks to KPI tools constantly update with logistics and production process.
These new and digitalized process has opened up new scenario business ( MES) which has driven Cosmoproject to implement new Industry 4.0 technologies. Thanks to an integrated automatic system, Cosmoproject has improved production performance with a sensible cost reducing in favor of an efficient business management.


  • Improved response and streamline for new products and prototypes
  • Improved revenue forecast for commercial proposal
  • Saving time for order taking thanks to EDI and more flexible response to change customer requests
  • More efficient management of logistic and production cycle
  • More easy identification of critical area of supply chain, production, sales, and order fulfillment
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