Belgravia early crop salads will grow up also thanks to SAP ERP!

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The Camozzi family’s business was launched in the seventies in the province of Bergamo, where the company is still based. The new generation showed their entrepreneurial spirit by converting production to the greenhouse system of farming salad crops by producing ready-to-eat vegetables and by beginning to process and package fresh vegetables..


Derga has implemented SAP ERP in Belgravia for the following departments: Finance & Administration Control and Logistic & Supply chain with a new system for shipping documents. In Sales department all the processes (pricelist, terms of sale, discount, bonus and sales campaigns) were streamlined and now it is available a commercial statistics analysis of every dept. Planning & Production processes and quality control process are completly integrated with no scraps of raw material and a constant update of remaining stock. It has been implemented QuickBI solution (reporting solution) based on Derga best practices and SAP BusinessObjects Suite. Derga also has implemented SAP Document Access by OpenText, an automatic archiving solution for every documents, coming from different sources, all docs in SAP ERP with no external connectors, PDF, email, transactional documents are easily searchable.


  • SAP ERP gives a boost to the process efficiency, highlightens weakness and corrections, reduces scraps of raw materials and costant updates of remaining stock
  • Material waste has decreased due to better and more immediate visibility of inventories
  • Great improvement of Controlling process, of Operational and Accounting control process connected with commercial and logistic GDP interactions
  • Consistent modus operandi between administration employees
  • All archived docs on SAP Document Access are quickly searchable on SAP ERP – the main repository of all documents
  • Derga QuickBI solution for Business Intelligence offers a strategic data management, coming from every source, and a punctual check of market performance
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